Warehousing at EU and Asia

Storage, packing, marking and handling of the cargo


Proper choice - is a key to success and safety of the cargo

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Warehousing control system

Receipt, weight control, photo of the cargo


International carriages are closely connected with additional services such as weight control, marking, covering of goods, issue of documents for carriage. ALT Systems provides all list of these services by means of own warehouses at China, Hong Kong, Vilnius. If you are interested in rates for warehouse services or additional information you can send request to e-mail: 001@alts.hk or use feedback form.


Cross-docking is a practice in logistics of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck or railroad car and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers, or rail cars, with little or no storage in between. As a result you can reduce transit time as well as storage time.


If you make shipments of goods not on regular basis and quantity of goods is not enough for full load of transport unit you can choose our services of part loads transportation. We will effect consolidation of several parcels of goods which go in one way and will effect shipment of your parcel as a PART CARGO, it will reduce for you transport expenses and reduce transit time. Please send your questions and requests to e-mail: 001@alts.hk.


We will effect delivery of goods from the shipper to our warehouse and after that delivery to the doors of consignee. During storage we will effect all necessary operations for safe carriage. Due to global coverage of ALT Systems we are able to solve such a task in a shortest time and minimum expenses.

Warehousing includes, but not limited with:

  • cargo receipt,
  • preparing of goods for carriage,
  • packing and covering of goods,
  • marking of goods,
  • handling of goods and repairing of covering,
  • issue of transport documents,
  • agent at customs authorities.
Shipped parcels without claims 99%
Quantity of clients who satisfied with our services 87%
Clients who came to us again 73%
Clients who reduced transport expenses more than 30 pct 91%
Average index of warehouse effectiveness 87.5%