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Air shipments usually used for long distance carriages in a short time period. This type of carriage is used for spot prompt cargoes and high value goods. First of all air shipment is high level transport service, which is effected against schedule with maximum safety for the cargoes delivered. Main air shipment directions served by ALT Systems are Far East, Middle East and the US. While delivering goods we can either send parcel directly to destination airport, or to our warehouse at EU. After arrival to EU we will effect “door” delivery to the destination using LTL scheme.

Making air shipment you must remember that:

  • cargo must be duly packed, to avoid damage and loss of cargo,
  • packing must provide safe cargo handling operations at transit zones and while storage,
  • to avoid direct access to the cargo inside.

If the Shipper can’t follow above mentioned requirements we are ready to make covering and marking for additional fee at our warehouses.

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