Cargo insurance

Cargo Insurance is a neccessity which helps cargoowner to avoid additional expenses connected with the cargo damage and loss of cargo. Transportation closely connected with risks which sometimes is impossible to avoid such as storm, or sleet during road carriage. That is why insurance became normal practice all over the world. Usual insurance rate is 0,3 pct of invoice value and covers all risks. To get an offer you can send request to e-mail:

Consulting services at import export trade.

Among numerous services ALT SYSTEMS use to work as trading agent and provide consulting services at import export trade. We effect consulting services in import-export trade sphere. Our managers are ready to answer all questions related to import export operations, basing on current legislation, experiense of our job.

Using our knowledge we will try to offer optimal solution for your deal. List of services includes:

  • Survey of current logistics solution;
  • Offer of new or alternative transport solutions;
  • Optimal choise of transport route with taking into consideration Clients demands in price and transit time;
  • Survey of contract terms for import export deal;
  • Issue of trading contract with protection of clients interests;
  • Issue of transport documents;
  • Choice of Incoterms basis;
  • HS code choice;
  • Calculation of customs dues and charges.

Search of producer or supplier

Search of supplier is a very important part of import export deal. Cause results of this work will influence the final result of the whole deal. But this question is very complicated how to choose the supplier. ALT SYSTEMS offers to its clients service of finding suppliers and producers of goods and at China also.

This job could be devided into several steps:

  • Technical task from the client;
  • Search of supplier and several alternative variants;
  • Testing of obtained samples;
  • In case of successful tests start of producing goods;
  • Control of goods quality as per technical task;
  • Shipping of goods from the producer.

This job could be done either as per direct contract or with the help of our company. Besides search of goods we offer any kind of services connected with transportation and customs clearance.

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