eurocubEurocup (IBC — eng. Intermediate Bulk Container, cubic capacity, VAT barrel), medium duty truck reusable cube container. Types of packaging used in industry for transportation of liquid and bulk cargo. Cubic containers have a capacity of 1 040 or 1 of 250 liters (more steel drums).
Disposable types of packaging are made from polyurethane and reusable — made of wood, plastic, aluminum, high carbon steel. Cubic containers have a rigid outer packaging of steel crate. It is placed in a plastic container, the so-called «flask» or «bottle». The top cover is attached to the main part of the screw connection. Eurocup mounted on wooden, steel or plastic tray with the screws and is moved with a forklift.
There are types of packaging with heating for the transport of liquids, exposed to temperature extremes.
Transportation eurokubas are produced in different ways. On different types of transport placed to different number eurokubas:
• rail containers — 10-21 cube (empty)
• sea ISO containers — 20-44 cube
• RV — 52 cube (empty)
• railway cars — 52 cube
A septic tank eurokubas is an inexpensive alternative to industrial designs. To create sewage systems in the country, you can apply the former industrial use of IBC containers and types of packaging.