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Preliminary calculation of contract costs
Terms of the deal
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Trading contract
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Delivery of the goods and customs clearance
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Payment as per contract terms
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купля продажа

ALT SYSTEMS helps Client to establish direct connection with the Factory and visa versa, especially with European plants and plants in China. ALT will obtain samples of goods according to the order of the Client. In case samples will pass all tests, we will assist to sign a direct contract between the Factory and Buyer.

After readiness of the parcel we will help to accept it, check quality and quantity, covering, to prepare the goods for shipment and deliver cargo to the destination. With us you will get:

  • Reduce of expenses
  • Reduce of risks connected with currency legislation
  • Work with one agent instead of several simultaneous contracts
  • Clear terms of the deal
  • Deal in full compliance with legislation

To get more detailed information please send message to e-mail:

We agree with the client each deal, as an example of our remuneration we can say that price depends on total amount of the contract and differs as follows:

  • from 3 to 15 pcts from total amount of the contract including trasportation expenses and customs clearance
  • but not less than 350 USD per deal

Work as per contract

No additional expenses

Time safe