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Customs clearance
and international cargo carriage
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Oversized loads
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Building materials
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    О нас
    Alt Systems Transport and Logistics Company
    О нас

    Transport & logistic company "ALT Systems" started it’s activity in 2003 as a forwarding agent.

    Today we are a major international operator, providing a full range of logistics services around the world, in our team we have more than 70 employees.

    Independent subdivisions and representative offices in the Russian Federation are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk.

    Our offices are represented worldwide: in Guangzhou (China), Istanbul (Turkey).

    Facts about us

    ALT Systems has had a market presence for over 15 years already. We are professionally versed in logistics, and working internationally.

    We work with a wide range of goods, and different ways of their transportation and storage. Our aim is to transport any amount, from one pallet to an entire power plant. We operate our own line of combined cargo.


    We have earned our excellent reputation, and we are always grateful for feedback from clients and partners. We are always at your service. We also guarantee security and to meet deadlines.

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